Dept. of EEE arranged a study tour to Meghnaghat Power Co. Ltd.

Date : 2017-10-19

The students along with the faculty members of EEE department visited Meghnaghat Power Co. Ltd. on 10th October 2017 as a part of their field experience program. This power plant is a 450 MW combined cycle gas fired power plant located at the northern bank of the Meghna river. Five faculty members accompanied 60 enthusiastic students in this tour. On arrival, teachers and students were welcomed by the engineers and officials of plant. Students were then divided into four groups and were given introductory speech and safety instruction about the power plant by plant engineers.

By visiting various parts of the plant the students got a practical idea about the working principle of a combined cycle power station. It was a good experience for them to see the actual management operations too.

At the end of the tour the Department of EEE, BAIUST extends its profound thanks to the officials of Meghnaghat Power Plant especially  Mr. R. R. Sadique Masum (Plant Manager) for his support & hospitality.