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Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

BAIUST, Cumilla

001/Academic /63/ IQAC/2021 Date: 18 February 2021


  1. All the departments of BAIUST have so far documented course-related activities in order to sustain quality education offered in the current undergraduate and graduate programs. Now to mobilize the OBE-oriented practice of maintaining course files with a set of contents, IQAC has formulated templates of the same. All the engineering and non-engineering departments are advised to find the OBE Course File Cover and Course File Index along with the other documents attached herewith (Annexes 1-8). 

  1. IQAC is happy to answer your queries and extend further cooperation in materializing the practice of Course Files under all the departments.

  1. You are requested to take necessary actions for the maintenance of Course Files as per this format, please.


  1. Template of Course Outline 

  2. Template of Assessment Rubrics (Class Test, Quiz Test, Assignment, Presentation, Midterm Exam, Term Paper, Final Exam etc.)

  3. Template of Question Moderation Forms (Midterm and Term Final Examinations)

  4. Template of CO/CLO-PO/PLO Tabulation Grade Sheet

  5. Template of Self-Assessment on Achieving COs/CLOs and POs/PLOs

  6. Template of Instructor’s  Course Survey Form

  7. Template of Student’s Course Survey Form

  8. Template of Student-Teacher Counseling Record 


Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)



  1. Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  2. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  3. Department of Civil Engineering

  4. Department of Business Administration

  5. Department of English

  6. Department of Law

  7. Department of Science & Humanities 


Vice Chancellor

Registrar Branch (Academic)

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01.    IQAC at 10th Academic Council Meeting 2021

02.    OBE Curriculum Template (Revised 2021)

03.    Self -Assesment Manual 

04.    IQAC Operations Manual 

05.    Strategic Plan for Higher Education in Bangladesh 2018-2030

06.    One-Year Activity Plan Implementation 2021

07.    Accreditation Standards & Criteria

08.    Letter regarding  one year plan 2021

09.    Quality Assurance in Online & On-Campus Education

10.    BNQF-Bangladesh-2021

11.    PPT(Oct) Consultation workshop on Draft BAC Standards

12.    Course File Documents

13.    Formation of Program Self-Assessment Committees

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