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Three faculty members from three engineering departments (Dr. Sharif-EEE, Mr. Sabbir Ahmed-CE, and Mr. Shamin-CSE) have participated a day long certified training program titled- Hands-on Orientation on Outcome Based Education (OBE) at IEB, Ramna, Dhaka, organized by Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) on 19-June, 2019. Two professors from Malaysia had conducted the workshop discussing on Complex Engineering Problem (WP) and Complex Engineering Activities (EA).

We had a discussion with honorable VC sir before going to the workshop. We were guided by VC sir to learn the basic of OBE mainly on WP and EA before attending the workshop which indeed made us understanding the whole thing clearly. We have now the basic of OBE system and can help our each department to achieve the whole package (Vision and mission-PEO-PO-CO). In addition, VC sir is going to arrange individual training campaign for faculty members on OBE at each engineering department. BAIUST has spent TK180,000 for this individual training.

In the OBE system, there are 12 Program Outcomes (POs) and all of these POs can be described in terms of 8 Knowledge Profiles (WKs), 7 WPs, and 5 EAs. The workshop provided an in-depth understanding of WK, WP and EA illustrating multiple examples in different engineering fields. Most of the universities sent senior faculty members (Dean, HOD) to participate the workshop. We had fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing scopes in the workshop. An accreditation manual of BAETE along with ppt slides has been provided which is available in each engineering department of BAIUST. You may collect this from HODs or from us.