Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology



Objectives set for the University are as under:

1    To offer need based programs in important disciplines of Science, Technology, Social Science, and Business for both undergraduate and graduate students.

2    To strive for excellence by providing quality teaching through wide varieties of instructional approaches.

3    To produce highly competent, and global standard manpower in Science and Technology; who will be proficient in communication skill, critical thinking and analytical abilities.

4    To generate adequate resources to support the University’s instructions, research and extension pursuits.

5    To provide timely, friendly, and accessible support system that promotes partnership and sense of shared responsibilities between students, faculty, alumni, and other stakeholders.

6    To strive for the gradual expansion of faculties, departments, and programs in accordance with the need, and in abidance with the Private University Act 2010.

7    To develop joint collaboration with similar universities, institutes and organizations, both at home and abroad and sign agreements and memorandum of understandings (MOU) to this effect.         

8    To sensitize and infuse amongst the students and the graduates the core values of BAIUST i.e. Integrity, Openness, Intellectual Curiosity, Commitment to Excellence, Self Discipline, Sense of Responsibility, Diversity and Respect for Others.

9    To carry out other necessary works of the University to meet the need of the time.

Explanation of the Core Values